Free Bitcoin and Free Bitcoin Generator

System Requirements:

  • At least 2 GB of ram
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 and Windows 10 required
  • At least 1 Mbps internet connection
  • 3 GB of hard drive storage (for temporary storage of generated BTC)

free Bitcoin Generator download no survey

File name:

File size: 18 MB

Are you looking for free bitcoin generator or miner with no captcha?

In this article, we will talk about how to generate bitcoins generator for desktop windows PC with no captcha needed and where to find a generator for it. Many people want BTC fast and they find a way to do it without investing, buying and even mining which is the bitcoin’s first method when you want to earn.

You can get this bitcoin generator and run it on your computer overnight and wake up in the morning with some BTC generated directly in your wallet address. This is BTC4GEN is free for all and available to download worldwide as of today.

This small app runs on windows only and will run mostly on any type of windows installed in your PC.


Many people said that this bitcoin generator is the best that they ever used that works. You can see for yourself when you downloaded it somewhere and use it if it really works.

Free Bitcoin Generator With No Minimum Payout

Well, if it is the case then we will help you out getting or downloading the best free bitcoin that will generate you free unlimited bitcoins and satoshi coins by just using your android mobile phones or Android tablets.

You can try the Android app that we will post this article so you can see for yourself if it actually works for you. Do not worry, it is just free, ready and easy to use. You just need to download and install it on your android device.

How to generate bitcoins with no investment?

That is the first question we will discuss in this paragraph as you need to understand it very well in order for you to make this app work properly and not ruin your phone in any way possible. In order to use this bitcoin generator with no investment, you need a google account and use it to sign in on this app so you can enter its main dashboard where you can see the app features and the things that it can provide you for free.


  • Very fast bitcoin miner for Android on the internet
  • The app is free to download
  • No need to use a computer
  • Portable miner
  • Runs on every android device even on lowest versions

You can run this android app overnight and check on it in the morning and see how many bitcoins have you generated or satoshi coins. This app is easy to use as you can see from the photo and its screenshots, there is a sign up with google button when you open it for the first time and you can even use the timer boost feature for free to fasten the generating process of bitcoins on your android phone or tablets.

Is it possible to generate bitcoins with no registration?

Yes, there are bitcoin cloud mining website service that you can use on your android phone if you have some budget because it requires you to rent some of their miners to mine your own bitcoin on their servers. Because it is easier, you can do it while you are not using your phone because it is on your their servers, you actually mine while you sleep and it is called BTC cloud mining.

Big professional bitcoin miners use cloud mining to generated bitcoins automatically without using their own system, computer, mobile or tablets. The downside is you need to have some money to invest in this kind of business.

Many people that have android phones are able to generate free bitcoin by using some websites or app that generate BTC. Those apps are all on the android play store and those websites are all over the internet. Some are really generating them BTC. Some are fast and some are slow and require too many verifications for your account to be activated.

Some even require a valid identification and some have a minimum payout for you to be able to withdraw or payout your bitcoins and send them directly to your wallet address like blockchain or any other online BTC wallet address that is free and secured.

Proof of bitcoin acquired using bitcoin generator with no work

You can see in the photo how many Bitcoins were generated with no work needed at all. We have a saying that it is better to have something than nothing, right?

It is good to have some bitcoins by just using your android phone as you can mine or generate anywhere and everywhere you want to do it as long as you have an active and stable internet connection like your data on your android phones or some free stable wifi wherever you are like in hotels for example or any restaurant, just keep your Android device fully charged.

You may want to have a power bank with you so if your mobile shutdowns suddenly, then you can have an emergency power supply using that power bank. For the people who do not know about power bank, it is a portable battery that you can fully charged so your other devices can be charged for it too.

It is pretty cheap, you can find it anywhere online like Amazon and eBay or even at your local stores.

You can watch the video below to understand more about bitcoins and how to generate with no app installs needed

After you watched that video above, we can say now that you are quite knowledgeable about free bitcoin and satoshi coins. Well, Satoshi coin is a smaller part of bitcoins. Those coins are called crypto-currency or electronic currency aka e-currency. These are the modern currency like money but it is kinda virtual and you can not see it or touch it.

That is how the bitcoin works, the value of it is increasing day by day as we live the modern life. Because people are buying and selling it so fast that we cannot even notice how fast it grows. Bitcoins are everywhere, it will not disappear so do not worry to invest time and money on it. Because sooner or later you will earn more if you are smart enough investing in this kind of field.

So, if you are a rich man you may want to buy bitcoins and save it and wait for the time it reached its highest potential price or value because you can sell it even on 100X of its value the time you bought it.


Install all bitcoin generator with no app install needed from playstore and uninstall which ones that do not work. Sort and organize all your BTC generators and keep the ones that work and you can even share it with your friends and relatives you can earn more by their affiliate features. Also, they earn too and the good thing is you help each other earn.

generating bitcoins for freeAlso, you can try some other bitcoins tools too that are free to public and virus-free so you can use it without thinking that your computer will be at risk.

People said that you can use this BTC generator as long as you want but do not use it 2 days straight as your computer’s motherboard or CPU will melt as bitcoin generating is too complicated and it is considered as a heavy use and stressful for our computers specially if you do not have a newer or high-end PC at home.

How much can you earn from this bitcoin generator?

It depends on your system or computer. The more high-end PC you have the fastest you can generate bitcoins in a short period of time. Some people even use multiple computers to use this tool and they run those computers at the same time with fast internet connection.

They also use a virtual private server aka VPS to run it with 100 GB internet connection and leave it overnight. Some rich people said, in order for you to earn more, you need to invest more and learn some money organizing technique or financial advisor.

That is the secret of most bitcoin investors online, they invest by that we mean buy and sell too aside from mining on their own. Those people even have a server room with multiple processing units that mine bitcoin, those computer units are not the typical one you use or you see in the store. These computers are modified and customized to their liking.

How to get free bitcoin?

Look at the picture, that kind of machines you need in order to earn like a boss. Those bitcoin generators are the real deal, look how organized are those generators. We bet, it is running on a high-speed internet connection too. The guy only uses 2 monitors but has multiple processing units. That guy maybe earning some hundred bucks a day with that kind of setup. By seeing his setup, you can assume that he is really knowledgeable about bitcoins and how to generate them properly.

We recommend to study first about bitcoins and know how they work, how things work and by that time you can learn how to generate or mine them on your own without needing the help and you can even setup by yourself.

You just need to invest some money in the machines and have a fast internet connection because you can not mine or generate bitcoins with slow internet connection even though your computer is fast.

bitcoin-mining-calculator-quickIs it really possible to earn passively by using this bitcoin generator?

Of course, it is possible? Who said it is not possible? look at the picture, that is an example possible bitcoins earnings from just mining or generating BTC with your own mining rig or cloud mining. They do the math and calculations, that will be the result. That is only for almost 7 days of generating bitcoins. If you really want to succeed in bitcoins then you may need to calculate the expenses and earnings, it is called ROI or return on investment.

Professional bitcoin miners or generators not only generate BTC without calculating anything. These people are so good at calculations and math that is why they are succeeding in earning some money from BTC.

If you really want to know more about bitcoins, there are some online course about how professional mine or generate BTC, they are paid though but you will benefit from it for sure and you will learn a lot from it. Sometimes you need to buy some tutorials or courses to become an elite. You can not be an elite by just reading some free tutorials online overnight.

You may need some help from those secret online tutorial courses about how to get rich in bitcoins and satoshi coins.

There are a lot of Bitcoin websites around the web that give free bitcoin and we will discuss it here on this article


I know we all want some free bitcoin and we want it fast in our bitcoin wallet and hassle-free even instantly as long as it is real because it is hard to find now some bitcoin website that does free giveaways, contest and raffle.

Yes, it is hard to find one but we will help you as long as we can. You may want to take note everything you read here as you will need it for your future bitcoin journey. These things are useful and will make you succeed and you will have your financial freedom and maybe you can travel the world someday by just earning bitcoins.

When you earn, it is better to buy and sell in this field as its price is getting good every time because of people like you that really want to learn and earn. Some people already left their jobs because they succeeded in bitcoin industry, some of those are totally normal people and not businessmen or rich.

Is it really possible to get free bitcoin from these websites?


Well, we will know it all once you finish reading this article so keep reading until the end.

Who does not want a free bitcoin anyways? All internet marketers and online workers surely know about e-currency, especially bitcoin.

Be careful though, Please read these websites first when you visit them and do not give your wallet address without knowing what the website is all about and if they are really legit or saying the truth.

Bitcoin is becoming so popular now these past years as the price is getting bigger consistently because there are many people buying and selling so the activity of this e-currency is so good.

So here are the websites the give free bitcoin to its visitors


  1. – this website offers free bitcoin straight to your wallet address and also when you look at their website, there are lots of BTC transaction to its homepage. Maybe those are the visitors that received free BTC. They also let you buy and sell to its website.
  2. – this one claims unlimited free BTC and satoshi coins every 10 minutes. This site has a very nice user interface which looks like a professional website but we really do not know if they really give BTC without you doing anything or surveys.
  3. – this BTC site requires you to make an account so you can log in to their website and view their contents. They say they can give you 5,000 satoshi coins every 15 minutes and has a 5% bonus when you log in or use their site every day. They also offer free withdrawals and 50% lifetime commission

So that is all, those are the three websites that claim to give free BTC but we still want you to be smart when visiting a website and read the disclaimer and their about us pages so you can avoid any future problems that will ruin your BTC wallet or account.

Please be careful about your wallet, please keep a backup of your BTC wallet address because one letter mistake can make an error in receiving or sending some BTC. Treat your wallet like a real wallet. Some people treat it as a gold too because they said golds are equivalent now to bitcoins because their value is both high and valuable


Are these sites legitimately give free bitcoins to people?

That, we do not sure about. You should try to visit them and see for yourself, maybe you can make it work or you are very knowledgeable about earning bitcoins that other people. You can also try joining some Facebook group, there are some people there that have a serious group about obtaining BTC online and for free.

Those people are smart enough to teach you the right direction and where to start and what you will be needing to earn some serious amount of bitcoins in a nice way. Some people we know are having some bitcoins now by just self-studying online everything about bitcoins and other e-coin.

Not all knowledgeable people know these websites we listed above because it is lowkey secret in some forums but we love all our readers so we will tell about these websites to you all. Just keep on visiting our website to be updated every day about bitcoins and satoshi faucets, we want you to know all the best and working websites that you can use to earn and be rich.

We all cover about selling, investing and buying BTC on other articles that we will publish for you or you can direct to our search bar and search any keyword about bitcoins. We promise to give the best information that professional btc investor knows and what they do to earn btc easily.



Always be careful visiting websites that you just stumbled upon, especially about bitcoins or any other e-currency that is popular today. Do you have any suggestions or questions? kindly comment below or contact us if you are confused about bitcoin stuff.

We will appreciate your comment and reply to you as soon as possible and we will try to figure out what is your problem with finding sites that give free bitcoin or satoshi coins.

If you are still struggling to earn bitcoins, you would want to watch this video about BTC and educate yourself about in-depth learning with bitcoins and faucets.

Also please share it anywhere on the web so everyone will know how bitcoin works and its faucets. Because some people want to mine on their own and not buy and sell. These people have high-end multiple computers and not just a simple computer but very high end that it can process multiple threads that need to mine bitcoins, we all know you can not mine a single BTC using a low-end computer because the motherboard and CPU will just burn and melt.

How company mine or earn bitcoins with bitcoin generator?

We will show you how are these big companies mine their bitcoins. We will teach you how their bitcoin generators with no deposit.

You can watch this video below and learn from this bigtime Chinese bitcoin generating private company that resides in China and how their machines work and how do they look like. Are those common computers they use? No one knows that is why you need to watch it and see for yourself how they mine bitcoins for a living.

These people are nerds and will do anything and everything to make it work. They want to do everything easily that is why they are finding ways to do things perfectly.


As you see, they are not using the common computers. They have a modified ones, they added multiple rams and an upgraded storage. Chinese are one of the most knowledgeable computer users worldwide.

As of now, you are kind of newbie in these things. We suggest you watch some youtube videos too about bitcoins generators.

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